Kingsley Village

Sustainable 26,000 sq/ft Foodhall

ISG commissioned Abbey Design Associates, on behalf of M&S for a 26,000 sqft foodhall renewal, including a new CO2 refrigeration plant and display cases, with sustainability and improved customer experience as project goals.


With a proposed layout provided, ADA coordinated with construction companies and fit out Contractor, UME, to deliver the renewal of the foodhall with minimum disruption to store operation.

ADA coordinated with construction companies and architects, initiating the project with a detailed assessment and planning phase. They proposed a new layout accommodating the refrigeration plant and display cases, focusing on optimising foot traffic and functionality.

During the execution phase, ADA worked closely with the construction companies, ensuring the renovation and refrigeration plant installation met safety and regulatory standards.


The completed project, after thorough review, provided M&S with an energy-efficient, modern, and customer-friendly foodhall. This case illustrates ADA’s effective project management and commitment to sustainable and functional design.