M&S Handforth Dean

Sustainable Retail Store

Abbey Design Associates (ADA) was enlisted to develop a sustainable design and project management solution for M&S Handforth Dean.


The primary goal was to modernise the refrigeration systems of an operational retail food store, enhancing its chilled and frozen goods storage capabilities without interrupting its daily operations.


Abbey Design Associates undertook a challenging refrigeration overhaul at the operational M&S Handforth Dean store, balancing the need for modernisation with minimal disruption to daily operations. The project involved designing three Transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems to meet the extensive chilled and frozen requirements of the 22,685 Sq Ft Foodhall, 1,028 Sq Ft Frozen Food cold rooms, and 2,887 Sq Ft Chilled cold rooms. A key innovation was the under-floor installation of services to enhance aesthetics and space efficiency. Despite the complexities of working in an active retail environment and space constraints, the project was executed in phases, ensuring the store remained functional throughout the process.