Sustainable Retail Store

Abbey Design Associates (ADA) was enlisted to develop a sustainable design and project management solution for Morrisons’ new retail store situated within a large, constrained development in London.


The primary goal was to design an internal plant and gas cooler room that is highly functional, adhering to the specific constraints of urban development in London. ADA aimed at creating a solution that not only met the operational needs but also blended seamlessly with the aesthetics of the building while fitting within other building services.


In continuing support of Morrisons New Store rollout, ADA, alongside additional contractors, tackled the design and project management intricacies with precision. ADA, aware of the location’s constraints and the need for innovative solutions, employed the use of the latest design technology.

ADA designed a 3D model walkthrough of the store to provide an in-depth view of the finished project, offering stakeholders a vivid illustration of the design’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Careful consideration was given to service routes to ensure they complemented the building’s aesthetics while fitting within other building services. ADA ensured these routes were strategically positioned, leveraging innovative routing strategies.


ADA’s innovative approach resulted in the successful establishment of an internal plant and gas cooler room that not only met the regulatory and operational standards but also aligned with the aesthetic expectations. The strategic collaboration ensured the seamless integration of the project’s complex elements. Despite the spatial and regulatory challenges presented by the London location, ADA delivered a solution that epitomises efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic harmony. Morrisons’ new retail store stands as a beacon of innovative design and strategic planning, promising an enhanced shopping experience for every customer. The meticulous design ensures operational efficiency while elevating the store’s aesthetic appeal, marking another milestone in ADA’s legacy of excellence.