Abbey Design Associates Returns to the RAC Cooling Awards

The upcoming calendar promises a noteworthy event that has consistently captured the attention and respect of the refrigeration and air conditioning sector – the RAC Awards. Now marking its 20th year, the Cooling Industry Awards are a testament to the industry’s dedication to excellence, encompassing innovation, environmental strides, best practices, and professional growth.

Over the past two decades, the RAC Awards have acknowledged the transformative shifts in our sector. This year’s edition is poised to once again highlight the industry’s most innovative and impactful contributions.

With our extensive tenure in refrigeration design for retailers, we find a deep resonance with the principles that the RAC Awards uphold. Our approach to design is rooted in a consultative and analytical framework, ensuring that we not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of our clients. Our longstanding commitment reflects the very essence of what these awards celebrate: forward-thinking and dedication.

We look forward to an evening of insightful dialogues, shared accomplishments, and envisioning future pathways.