Abbey Design Associates
Takes on Cold Chain Live 2023!

Abbey Design Associates Takes on Cold Chain Live 2023!

In the evolving landscape of the cold chain industry, strategic alignment with leading events is essential. Being a proud member of the Cold Chain Federation, we are thrilled to announce that Abbey Design Associates (ADA) will attend the most awaited event in the cold chain industry this year – Cold Chain Live 2023!

The Cold Chain Conference, in our view, is an epicentre of strategic innovation and a reservoir of the industry’s latest trends. And this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Cold Chain Live 2023: A Brief Overview

Cold Chain Live 2023 is set to bring together world-leading experts, presenting cutting-edge insights that are not just current but also future-ready. ADA is especially eager about the unique open discussions that the event is heralding. These discussions promise to address:

  • Practical challenges in cold storage.
  • Nuances of transport and logistics in the cold chain.
  • Compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Sustainable practices that align with global environmental goals.

With our rich lineage as refrigeration design consultants, we approach the conference with a blend of experience and curiosity. We’re keen on:

  • Identifying actionable strategies to curb energy waste in refrigeration.
  • Analysing the strategic shift in blast freezing paradigms.
  • Contributing and extracting value-driven insights for the broader industry benefit.
  • At ADA, our core strategy revolves around integrating high-performance design with environmental stewardship, ensuring our clients are both industry and future-ready.

Collaboration Is the Cornerstone of Industry Evolution

A major highlight of Cold Chain Live is the unparalleled networking opportunity it offers. ADA is eagerly looking forward to engaging with senior leaders from across the UK’s cold chain. We believe that collaboration is the key to growth and progress. Interacting with industry stalwarts, brainstorming on challenges, and celebrating successes together is what makes events like Cold Chain Live truly special.

Join Us!

If Cold Chain Live 2023 is on your calendar, let’s synergise. Let’s strategise the future of refrigeration, exchange insights, and co-create solutions for a more streamlined and sustainable cold chain. Together, we can redefine industry benchmarks.