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Suction pressure optimisation is a means to allow refrigeration systems to offset the suction pressure set point up by a fixed amount dependent on fluctuations in refrigeration load.

This has the benefit of aligning system performance to actual system demand, improving efficiency and saving on energy, without compromising system performance.

The Challenge

ADA as part of a larger energy initiative were asked to provide ways in which we could help a client reduce their energy and carbon emissions in line with their overall plan.

Due to increasing pressures to save on energy, without any upfront capital spend, this presented challenges.

ADA’s expertise in refrigeration design and controls meant that we were able to assist the client in achieving their objective.




  • Making use of existing device level software meant that optimisation was easily accessible.
  • Use of our innovative technology meant that set points could be changed instantly, and at mass, providing savings on time and resource.
  • Our remote connectivity to the clients estate ensured all sites could be monitored for performance in real time.
  • Site level energy and telemetry data were analysed to identify true verified performance.
  • Data analytics using linear regression was carried out to identify savings compared to the baseline.


54%       of sites optimising at any given time

0.5Bar  Optimisation set point achieved

100%     Product safety maintained

£1.6M   Measured and verified annual energy saving across circa. 2000 stores

ROI        Immediate