ADA Abbey Design Associates
Amberley House, Green Farm, Gloucester, GL2 4LY.


The following principles provide the ethical framework that we aspire to while in the UK and abroad.

Our principles are to:

In relationships with others - Treat colleagues, stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the public respectfully and professionally, taking account of confidential issues when appropriate. Deal courteously with those who hold opinions that differ from ours. Respect cultural differences.

In our work - Operate with honesty and integrity in all our work. Be open and transparent in making decisions. Work to the standards of UK legislation as a minimum here and abroad, and operate to local laws as applicable. Disclose conflicts of interest and actively manage them. Recognise appropriately the contributions of others.

Impact on the environment - Weigh any possible adverse impacts of proposed work against the expected benefits, while considering the economic, social and environmental impact. Assess and minimise any possible adverse impacts of our decisions and work with the natural environment, to reduce the effect on people, animals and plant life.

What ethics mean to ADA

Ethic - A moral principle or set of moral values held by an individual or group.

Values and ethics shape the way we view the world and how we behave in it. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to staff, fund holders and advisers in assessing the many and sometimes complex decisions they have to make. It will also signal to users and observers of ADA that they can have confidence in what we do and the way that we do it.

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