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From the green eco-friendly service station in Gloucester, to being the home of Ecotricity in Stroud, Abbey Design Associates is proud to have its headquarters in Gloucestershire – a county known for its commitment to being energy efficient. Each and every day in our carbon neutral office and when mobile throughout the UK working with our trusted clients, the need for environmental protection forms an integral part of our philosophy.

We are pleased to acknowledge that we have obtained ISO 14001:2004 and the Carbon Offset Certification, putting a firm step forward in our mission for a greener future. We endeavour to operate sustainably in all areas and in doing so practice the following:

Sourcing Materials

Utilising raw materials and process which have minimal demands on the environment and produce minimal waste.


Recycling crisps packets, using pencil highlighters rather than plastic ones.


To carry out our services using environmentally friendly equipment and materials.

Waste & Recycling

To minimise the waste produced through business activities such as publishing work electronically and to keep plastic use to a minimum.


We have saved 60% of paper from previous year a total of 413kilograms!!

We recycle all plastic!!

Yoghurt pot, pasta pots, milk bottles, water bottles, soap containers etc.


To reduce the demand on energy resources from our activities.


To ensure employees minimise travelling mileage.

Employee Training

To ensure all employees are in a position to improve environmental performance by providing information and training.


ADA are proud to acknowledge that we have obtained the following;
• Carbon Offset Certificate
• ISO 14001:2015

Our pledge of being climate conscious doesn’t stop in the office. Our projects with supermarkets allow us to demonstrate how they can become more energy efficient. From the initial design process we aim to use green products as much as possible. As consultants we’re going out to the marketplace to see what the next best thing is in terms of equipment for energy saving. Our company policies and actions are designed to reduce our CO2 footprint, and encourage the protection of the environment. By using ‘green suppliers’ our vendors doing business with Abbey Design Associates must adhere to environmentally friendly practices. Plus, as stewards of the environment, it is our policy that all waste is disposed of using a certified process called ‘true disposal’ rather than landfilling which means that every item disposed is recycled.