ADA Abbey Design Associates
Amberley House, Green Farm, Gloucester, GL2 4LY.


Abbey Design Associates recognises and accepts its responsibility to help create an increasingly sustainable environment.

Our company policies and actions are designed to reduce our CO2 footprint, and encourage the protection of the environment. Use “green suppliers” Our suppliers must comply with “green” standards. Vendors doing business with Abbey Design Associates must adhere to environmentally friendly practices.

For example, our printers must use paper that does not require excessive amounts of bleaches or chlorines, and printing inks that are vegetable-based.

Support sustainability - Our paper supplier must meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 standard requiring them to use paper produced from sustainable forests. We also request recycled paper stock in our printing specifications.

Publish electronically - Many of Abbey Design Associates designs are also available in electronic form. The use of online access reduces significantly the paper we use, thereby benefiting the environment and sustainability efforts.

Follow sustainable waste disposal - As stewards of the environment, it is our policy that all waste is disposed of using a certified process called “true disposal” rather than land filling. True disposal means that every disposed item is recycled. Under this policy, we recycle office equipment, cartridges and cardboard.

Reuse computer equipment - Instead of throwing outdated computer equipment away, we reuse it else where within the company for lesser tasks, if we decide to pass on our older technology products we look to distribute to places where it helps to bring technology resources to communities in need.

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